About me

Philippa Kinsky is honest indie pop from an up-and-coming artist with reflective lyrics and catchy toplines. As a modern enrichment for the English-speaking indie pop landscape from GSA, she holds great potential to reach and move a broad mass of young, open-minded people.


Her lyrics are inspired by the emotional struggles of her own life and environment – always with the ambition of more vision and reflection. In them, she seeks other perspectives, insights and messages, and through her directness and simplicity, she wants to offer one thing above all: Accessibility. 


On her debut EP „born in the teens“ Philippa tests her nuances within the Indie Pop style. In „pink“ Philippa sings with a breathy voice and clear jazz sound with a wink about the absurdity of rose-colored glasses and also in „heartache in July“ a jazzy vibe remains while she illuminates the broken heart in contrast to the bright midsummer – with a skillful mixture of a casual groove with catchy vocals that very sympathetically radiate her annoyance of how much she is tired of suffering.